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About Us

Label Objective

         Historically, music labels have continuously taken advantage of artists, singer/songwriters and musicians. For those in the music industry, there are thousands of heartbreaking stories of such famous and talented artists that end up with nothing due to bad label deals. Most musicians do not have degrees in business, and so the artist ends up in a vulnerable position and as a result ends up penniless. Fancy Ass Records is "The Artist's Label"! Just because an artist does not have some huge budget behind them, does not mean that the artist does not deserve to be on a label. Musicians work far too hard for far too little money. Many times, you will see some of the most talented entertainers in the world working for tips. It's time for the artists to get the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

The objective of Fancy Ass Records is to offer a platform for International exposure for great and unique original music, by great artists world wide. Fancy Ass Records also has a 3 level Aspiring Artists Division. Level One is for Artists that have a sinished Studio Quality Album. Level 2 is for Artists that have demos. Level 3 is for Songwriter/Lyricists. Fancy Ass Records also has a Children's Division for Children ages 12 and under. All artists must be self contained, and write their own copyrighted music. If the artist is a minor, we will consider material that has been written for them.

This label is owned, operated, and managed by fellow musicians, artists, and songwriters. Fancy Ass Records is a music family working to promote great people and great music!

Fancy Ass Records
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