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Creed Fisher

If you listen to a just a few tracks from his debut album, you might think Creed Fisher was born with a guitar in his hand. One after another, his songs are so relevant today, yet so steeped in tradition that you may think you missed out on a classic that everyone else already knows. However, this West Texas native only picked up a guitar three short years ago to start writing and performing. And with nothing more than some hard times and soul searching, Fisher weaves a familiarity into his songs that is more often found in the timeless hits of well known artists.

It’s not surprising that genuine emotion rises through the lyrics and melodies of Fisher’s songs. Clearly he is sharing his own stories, with experiences that range from great victories to some that have left deep battle scars. Fisher hails from Odessa, Texas, where his family roots trace back to his granddad, settling in the area back in the fifties and getting involved in the oil game. Playing football since he was ten years old in the very heart of football country, Fisher went on to play for the minor leagues after returning from serving in the armed forces. As his football career came to a close, Fisher also saw his marriage of twelve years come to an end. It is at this point that he decided to do some serious “soul searching” after losing two of the things that he had loved the most. Fisher tells us that the music simply “found him” during this time. He picked up a guitar and never let it go. 

Friends and fans alike will celebrate as Creed Fisher releases “Down Here In Texas,” his debut single from the "Down Here In Texas" album. There is no denying that Fisher is truly speaking from passion when it comes to his music. Fisher is the guy you meet that you feel like you’ve known all your life and his music feels like the songs you’ve been singing since you first discovered music. His lyrics are comfortable; his story, genuine; his spirit, humble and his talent, undeniable.


Creed Fisher - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Tim Kreitz - Lead Guitar,Vocals

Stu Hacken - Bass

Britt Parker - Drums

Odessa, TX USA

Coming Soon!