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Mandy Mason


Mandy Mason was born in Walnut Creek, CA. Mandy's first performance was at the tender age of five years old. She sang a Beatles song for the Martinez Unified School Bus Drivers Christmas Party, and received a standing ovation as she bowed in her fluffy little red dress, pig tails with big red bows, and little patent red leather shoes. From that moment, she knew what she wanted to do with her life, and has pursued a dreams in the field of Music ever since! 

Mandy has attended three colleges, plays 14 instruments, and has a personal song catalog of 180 songs. Mandy is also the co-founder and creator of four National Internet Companies, and a published children's author. Mandy Mason is also the Owner/President of Fancy Ass Records in Nashville TN.
Mandy and Fancy Ass records VP/International Executive Director Doc Martin have created a new genre of Country Music that they call "Continental Country". Continental Country is a hybrid of jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Classical, R & B, and Country Music with Steel Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo and Dobro. Mason says that this music is not just aimed at Country Music fans, but is for the whole world to enjoy!
Mandy Mason spends her time either in the studio, on stage, or running her record label. Despite her success, and busy schedule, she says that the most important and rewarding job in her life is "being a Mom". 
This is the girl to watch, and Fancy Ass Records is THE Label to watch! This Label is the Artist's Label! The first Label to put artist's and their music first, and not money! Mason charges no fees, no dues, and no contracts for the artist's on her Label.She believes in a noble stance, and great ethics as she reaches out to her fellow singer/songwriters, and promote the Artist's and their great talent!
With her leather pants, cowboy boots with spurs, combined with her sequined shirt, to the crown she wears atop her Cowboy Hat, its no wonder people in Tennessee lovingly call her "The Outlaw Princess of Nashville"!
Mandy Mason truly is Making a World of Difference In the World of Music! 




Walnut Creek, CA USA



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